Club Facilities

Sailing Facilities

The sailing activities of the Association are conducted along with The Royal Bombay Yacht Club (RBYC) and the Colaba Sailing Club (CSC) who are our sister clubs. The Joint Sailing Committee is chaired by the RBYC Commodore and comprises of qualified helms and boat owners. The BSA representative sits on this Committee. It is this Committee that mainly guides the sailing activities of the 3 clubs. The racing and cruising activities are mostly initiated at Mumbai from the RBYC premises to which the BSA members have access.

Sailing Program: A comprehensive sailing program is brought out by this Committee at the start of the sailing season in October, it has on offer sailing activities to suit all. Be it racing, training programs, regattas, champsionships, day and weekend cruises, there is something for all appetities.

Racing: Should you be inclined to try your hand at racing,.not a problem, we take stark novices and put them on a boat participating in a race and they soon pick up the ropes (literally). All you need to do is call up Mr. Santosh or Mr. Rajan in the sailing room and tell them to try and book you a berth on a boat that is going racing. Then you land up the Yacht Club at the specified hour, dressed in appropriate gear which is shorts, T shirt, sneakers, cap, sun glasses (optional) and water. There are some races where the BSA is directly involved. These races are from Mumbai to Mandwa and back to Mumbai the next day. It involves racing to Mandwa on Saturday afternoon, staying overnight at the BSA properties where there is catered dinner party and race back Sunday afternoon. Accommodation and meals are provided for as part of the race entry fee and needs to be booked well in advance, as these races are very popular among the regular sailors.

Training program: There are normally two training programs in a sailing season from October to May. The first one is held at the start of the season and the second one in January or February. This program provides on the water hands-on training and some classroom tutorials. Member helmsmen take you out on the water so you have one helm to 2 or 3 students on the boat. Kindly check the Sailing Program Document for dates. It is available on this website. If you want individual attention there are sailors who will take you out and teach you sailing one on one.

Boats: The boats normally used by adults, are Seabird class and Lightning class, which are in a common pool belonging to the 3 clubs. A Seabird carries a complement of 4 crew plus tandal while a Lightning accommodates 3 plus tandal. You can go sailing in any of a total of 14 boats, when a boat of your club is not available. Hence you are mostly assured of getting a boat when you want one. The Seabird is the most stable and safe, especially designed for Bombay Harbour. If you have children who are a bit wary of the sea, a Seabird sail would be ideal.

Just Cruising: Should you wish to follow the dictates of your heart and just go cruising or wish to practice your hand at helming, just book a boat and land up at the specified time at the jetty and ask for the tandal of the boat you have booked. The tandals are all qualified sailors and will ensure the safety of the boat at all times. Until you get your helmsman certificate, remember, the tandal is the captain when you are sea and one has to follow his instructions.

Boat Booking Procedure: Simply stated you could book a boat by calling up the sailing room at the RBYC. You will have to first ask for any one of the 2 BSA Seabirds. In case they are not available you then have an option of booking boats of the other 2 clubs.
You can book boats 5 days after 7 pm, prior to the date required, by calling on + 91 22 22882788 - Mr. Rajan / Mr. Santosh or at the RBYC reception +91 2267527250. That means you would need to book on Tuesday, after 7 pm, if you need a boat for the coming Saturday. Since the boats are in a common pool the boat booking procedure needs to be followed.

Residential Facilities

The Clubhouse: The Clubhouse has 5 residential rooms with attached bathrooms. Room 2 is the biggest with two double beds. Rooms 1 and 5 have three beds each and room 3 and 4 are double beds. Limited additional beds/mattresses are available upon request. The Clubhouse grounds provide a panoramic view of the sea, the jetty and life at the moorings. There are sufficient grounds around the clubhouse to wander and find a quiet corner to contemplate or just look at the sea. There are a few hammocks strung around for you to chill on, a barbeque area for you to indulge your culinary skills, as well as a volleyball net, carom board and board games for you to enjoy during your stay. Two Kayaks have been added for members and guests. The Club provides life jackets for your safety and as a mandatory requirement.

The Dormitary (Sleepout): Within the same compound is the sleep out/dormitory, right on the water's edge. During high tide the ocean provides a great lullaby to put you to sleep. Here you book and pay for a bed (Mattress) for the night. A great economy package and you can't beat the view. There are separate dedicated toilets and bathrooms for this facility and use of the Clubhouse with it's fully equipped kitchen with staff.

The Annexes: The club has 7 annexes. These are individual cottages by the sea for those of you who value privacy. Each of these shacks have individual caretakers who can assist you in the kitchen, make beds and keep the property clean.

Windfall: Windfall is the first bungalow on the beach as you approach from the jetty. Windfall has totally 3 bedrooms. 2 bedrooms, with attached bathrooms, at the ground level and one bedroom on the first level with an independent veranda cum sit out. Two bedrooms on the ground floor level are fitted with air conditioners. A spacious kitchen, a ground level sit-out with a dinning area, a compound area with stone benches, an uninterrupted view of the ocean, and loads of trees and shade.

Tucked In: As the name suggests the bungalow is "tucked in" greenery and foliage that surrounds this property. It has two airconditioned rooms with attached bathrooms, a kitchen, dining & sit out, and a green compound area. Tucked in is in between Windfall and Raha.

Raha: Raha stands third in line on the beach and has a fairly large area outside the bungalow which is perfect to barbeque and is used by our young optimist sailors to conduct land drills when not out learning to sail on the water. It has three rooms (2 AC and one Non-AC).

Little Hut: Recently refurbished and modernised, this charming bungalow has two airconditioned bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a kitchen, dining & sit out area that overlooks the moorings.

Battery Park: A classic bungalow on the beach, it has two airconditioned bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a kitchen, dining & sit out with 6 beds to sleep out; accommodating a total of 10 people at a time.

Zopdi: A one bedroom shack with two bathrooms, a kitchen and a veranda with 4 beds. It sleeps a total of 6 people.

Linger Longer: Last in the row of bungalows belonging to BSA, located after the main club house and sleep out/dormitory is a charming property with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a large kitchen and dining area and sit out which is designed to look like the bow of a boat! With 4 beds on the 1st floor and 2 beds in the bedroom on the ground floor, this property also offers 4 beds in the living room, accommodating a total of 10 people at a time.

Booking for rooms/annexes: To book your stay with us at BSA, kindly download and fill the Accommodation Booking Form (click to download) and email it to to the kind attention of Ms. Priya Jadhav or Mr. Ganesh Mhatre (contact +91- 2141 237667 or +91-7798440784).

Payment for your stay and use of the facilities will be added to your monthly bill and may be made online or settled directly using a credit or debit card while in Mandwa.